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Sun Joe spx1000 1450 Max PSI 11.5-Amp electric pressure washer

Sun Joe spx1000 1450 Max PSI 11.5-Amp electric pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 Max PSI 1.45 GPM 11.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer, Green
A pressure washer or endowment washer is an excellent weapon for all cleaning lovers. You must have heard about a pressure washing machine if you love washing and cleaning. In this article, we will accord with one of the best pressure washers in the industry. It is the Sun Joe SPX1000.
A pressure washer manipulates a high-pressure water jet to wash and clean the surfaces. A pressure washer is itself a versatile washing machine. You can use it for any type of cleaning works.
A wide range of pressure washers is available in the market. You can use the pressure washers for light to heavy-duty cleaning purposes. You can choose the pressure washer according to your needs. Among a wide range of pressure washers, the Sun Joe SPX1000 is one of the best pressure washers.
Sun Joe is one of the leading manufactures of pressure washers. Present in China, Sun Joe manufactures some of the best pressure washers in the industry. The Sun Joe SPX1000 is one of its famous brands on online shopping stores like Amazon. It is one of the immensely rated and top-selling products on Amazon.

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Sun Joe SPX1000 

If you are searching for an excellent residential washing machine that could perform all types of residential cleaning works with ease, then the Sun Joe SPX1000 is for you.
The SPX1000 is powered by11.5 amperes and 1400 watt powerful electric motor. This powerful motor can give 1450 PSI and 1.45 GPM. If you well know about the terms PSI and GPM, then you could guess that this machine is one of the excellent choices for residential cleaning. You can use the washer for all types of light to medium-duty cleaning jobs.
There is the presence of a spray wand, which is long and adjustable. The length of the spray wand is about 33 inches. A twist nozzle is also present along with the spray wand. You can hold the nozzle in a very comfortable manner while cleaning. To increase the effectiveness of the machine, a high-pressure hose of the length of 20 feet is also present.
This machine consists of a GFCI power cord of length 35 feet. This enables you to take your washer to a longer distance. If you want to clean the surfaces which are away from the power source, then this feature of the washer helps you in that case.
Regarding mobility, the machine is lightweight and easily mobile. The weight of the washer is about 11.7 pounds. The dimensions of the machine are also designed to make it portable. The height of the machine is 19 inches. Similarly, the depth and width of the washer are 9.8 inches and 12 inches, respectively.

Pros and cons of Sun Joe SPX1000

Pros and cons of Sun Joe SPX1000
The Sun Joe SPX1000 is one of the best washers you can get for residential cleaning jobs. This is the reason why this machine consists of a considerable amount of advantages. While there are very few disadvantages to the washer. Although we will be looking at both pros as well as cons, the pros are more famous among the users.

Pros of the washer


You buy a pressure washer to perform some of the toughest cleaning jobs. This is the reason why you see the power of the washer before buying it. The Sun Joe SPX1000 delivers a water pressure of 1450 GPM.
Similarly, it provides water pressure at 1.45 GPM. You can surely use this amount of water pressure to perform all the residential cleaning. You can easily clean the bikes, cars, walls, and many other surfaces.

Spray gun and nozzle 

The spray gun present in the washer is very convenient. You can easily hold the spray gun with comfort. Along with a spray gun, there is the presence of a nozzle that can be twisted. When you need to control the amount of water, you just need to rotate the nozzle. This will help you manage the water pressure jet. You can adjust water from zero to 45-degree. This feature makes cleaning more efficient.

Total Stop System

One of the best features of most of the Sun Joe pressure washers is the complete stop system. The total stop system is present in the Sun Joe SPX1000. This system is very beneficial when you are not using the machine while the motor keeps running. When such a condition arises, the total stop system shuts the engine down and stops the motor. This will help save electricity as well as water. This feature is responsible for making the Sun Joe SPX1000 environment-friendly. To prevent the triggers form accident running, additional safety protection is present in the washer. These features make the machine one the best electric pressure washers in the industry.
Total Stop System


Considering your valuable investment, Sun Joe provides a two full manufacturing warranty. In the case that you feel some kind of difficulties, while operating the washer, you can quickly contact the customer support. Moreover, the customer support of Sun Joe is one of the best customer supports in the industry.

Cons of the washer

As already mentioned, the Sun Joe SPX1000 is one of the best electric pressure washers. This is the reason why this pressure washer has very few cons.
There are a few users who claim a few cons about the washer. You should also note that all the users don’t request these cons.
Many users claim that they are unable to perform heavy-duty cleaning jobs. You should keep in mind that the washer is specially designed for light to medium-duty cleaning purposes. So the machine may not be advisable for all types of heavy-duty cleaning jobs.
There comes another group of customers who claim that the hose may not suffice garden cleaning completely. They feel that the length of the tube should have been more for effective cleaning. However, the users also claim that the machine is lightweight, so the problem didn’t make much impact. This is the reason why cleaning is not disturbed.

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